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19.01.07: Safety (siehe your.angel)
09.11.06: Tragedy of yourself

Long ago in a fairy tale
there was a girl
girl like you and me

Just dreaming about love
Just dreaming about happiness
But then the fairyland turned into hell

Tears running down
Drawning all sorrows
Taking back her dreams

It was just one thing
that killed her
took her last breath

It was your face
your cold beauty
your cold heart

Long ago in a fairy tale
there was a boy
a boy lost and lonely

24.09.2006 : Vegan Love
03.09.2006: Angel
13.08.2006: Rainy Memories
04.08.2006: Mr Right?
26.07.2006: The Present
11.07.2006: Memories
02.07.2006: My last kiss
29.06.2006: New home

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